Atlanta Snow Jam January 9th 2011

Atlanta Snow Jam January 9th 2011

Atlanta Snow JamAtlanta Snow Jam January 9th 2011 hit with fury and we are blessed to be sitting at home.  Our daughter Hannah had her final performance of Hairspray,the musical, this afternoon at First Presbyterian Church in Atlanta.  Hannah is a senior in high school and was scheduled to attend the PDC dance this evening at Piedmont Driving Club.  Her date met her at church and we left as soon as Hannah could change out of her costume and into her party clothes.  We dropped them off at the Driving Club at 6:15. The PDC dance had been moved up to 6:00 because of the bad weather. 

Tim and I drove to Buckhead and got gas on Peachtree.  We then drove on to the Blue Ridge Grill on West Paces Road near Northside Parkway. Got there around 7:00 and watched the end of the Eagles / Green Bay game.  We did not realize we were about to experience Atlanta Snow Jam January 9th 2011.

We met the parents of Hannah’s date and had a nice dinner at Blue Ridge Grill.  Got a call from Hannah around  10:15.  She was across the street at the OK Café and was ready to be picked up.  Stepped out into the parking lot to find 3 inches of snow on the ground and the truck completely covered in snow.

Atlanta Snow Jam cPicked up Hannah and tried to get on I-75 south (towards Atlanta).  There were cars spun out and slammed into the guard rail plus many, many wrecks.  We navigated around the wrecks and stalled cars at about 25 miles per hour in 4 wheel drive (thank goodness for the Yukon). 

Driving home, visibility was about 50 feet and we had to dodge cars spun out or just abandoned on the Interstate.  When we made the transition onto I-85 North we saw a semi truck jackknifed across all lanes on I-85 South.  Traffic was backed up on that side of the Interstate for miles. 

Visibility really dropped as we headed north on I-85.  Still dodging stalled cars, wrecks and spin outs.

When we go to Shallowford we took that exit to get off the Interstate.  Went north on the access road to Chamblee Tucker road.  Ran in to more wrecks as we tried to climb the hill up to Chamblee Tucker Road.  A truck in front of us had a trailer he was towing come unhitched and slide back down the hill.

We turned on Mercer Blvd and did not see any traffic until we got to the hill going up to the fire station.  Many cars were spun out or wrecked on the hill.  I went slow up the hill in 4 wheel drive in the “wrong” lane so I could get around the wrecks.  Stopped to pick up a woman and her child who were walking.  Dropped them off at the post apartments next to the fire station.  Picked up another woman whose car had spun out and drove her to Glenrose subdivision.

Finally pulled into our driveway at around 11:30 after a LONG ride home.  Our nerves were shot and we said a prayer of thanksgiving to arrive home safely.

Atlanta Snow JamStay HOME if you can.