ATLANTA: Listed Home on the market for one year plus finally gets an offer to purchase.

Home on the market for One year finally gets offer

home on the market for one yearIn December of 2007 I listed a two story traditional home in a stable neighborhood with excellent schools.

 Listed home on the market for one year finally gets an offer. The listing was fairly priced though the owner was the first to admit there were a few repairs to be made and some staging issues that needed to be addressed. 

I cranked up my fairly intense marketing program and we started to get showings from other Realtors.

We got quite a few showings and the response was virtually the same from each person viewing the home.  “Nice home but the prospect was not ready to make an offer.”

Note: I use an automated feed back system to obtain reviews from Realtor’s who show or preview a home.  This system allows the home seller to see the feedback from the Realtor but the Realtors name is protected.  The Home seller never sees the Realtors name or the Brokerage companies name.  Sellers like this because the info is delivered real time by the software program to each home seller simultaneously with my receipt of the comments from a showing agent.

So, back to the listing that had been on the market over a year.  The seller was justifiably concerned that no offers were presented on the home. 

Through Top Producer I prodded the seller to consider price reductions along the way.  The seller was not interested in price reductions though their motivation to sell the home was high.  The first listing expired and the seller signed up for a new listing period with the caveat that the listing agreement could be terminated at any time.

After a long stretch on the market you begin to feel the home owner’s pain when a listing does not sell.  A price change was finally agreed to and then we hit a really slow stretch in the market (November, December, January).  Both the homeowner, myself and my marketing team became frustrated that we could not get an offer on this property.

I don’t know who was more pleased when an offer came in over the weekend, me or the seller.  What a relief to finally have something concrete to work with on this home.  Will it work out…I certainly hope so.  If it doesn’t work out it won’t be because I failed to apply 100% of my efforts to make it do so.

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