ARE YOU READY TO SELL YOUR HOME? For Those Who Have Energy to Burn

ARE YOU READY TO SELL YOUR Atlanta Georgia HOME? For Those Who Have Energy to Burn (last in a series)

If you do have some money to invest (or the talent and tools necessary to make the improvements yourself) below is a list of things you might consider.

Change outdated wallpaper.   

 Replace wallpaper with neutral paper or paint, particularly in the foyer, kitchen, and baths.   



Update the kitchen

Replace worn kitchen countertops.

Get a new stainless steel sink and a new faucet to really give the kitchen some sparkle. 

New kitchen appliances can actually make the difference in your buyer prospect choosing your home over another. 


Update the bathrooms. Take a look at the bathroom and decide if replacing the toilet, vanity mirror, or vanity sink faucet would make a significant difference. 

Add a few fans.  Ceiling fans are tremendously appealing to buyers, and you can find a variety of tasteful fans at good prices.





Give it a fresh coat of paint. 

New interior and exterior paint can get the heart of a stubborn buyer beating at a rapid speed.



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