Analyze home buying wants and needs

Analyze home buying wants and needs

home buying wants and needs 4 Great room 2 5 Great room 4 6 Porch 1 7 Kitchen 2Dream Homes usually have a flaw or two.  How do you figure out and evaluate all the choices home buyers face when buying a home. Take some time to make a list of all the attributes you must have in your new home. Once you’ve got a good idea of the things you’d like, you should prioritize the items on the list.

Work your way from absolutely non-negotiable items at the top of the list, down to things that you might be willing to add after purchase with little effort.

Be prepared to seriously evaluate your wants and to compromise if need be, because it’s unlikely you will find a home with all the items on your wish list.A trade off or two will allow you to make the savviest financial decisions when the time comes to purchase a home.

Once you have put together a list, share it with your Realtor
.  Realtors who work specific neighborhoods can help you analyze home buying wants and needs.  You may be putting together a list for a castle when you only have a budget for a cottage.  Realtors bring a sense of reality when we analyze home buying wants and needs.
Avoid emotional attachment until after you have negotiated your best financial deal with the seller.  Having a checklist will help you remain objective while the dollars are being negotiated
Do some research on the neighborhoods you are considering.  Your Realtor can help you determine if an area is going to suit your needs.  Look to make sure the neighborhood and surrounding area has what you’re looking for in terms of schools, churches, shopping, dining, etc.  You’ll want to ensure you enjoy the area around your new home as much as you research the home itself.
Once you narrow down the neighborhoods you are considering, do a morning and evening rush hour commute to work, school etc to see how the traffic patterns work.  If the commute is intolerable, reconsider which neighborhoods are right for your family.

If you analyze home buying wants and needs, you will be prepared to act quickly when that perfect home hits the market.  This is huge in terms of actually getting the house you want versus ending up with a house you “settle for”.Call Sally English at 404-229-2995 and we can work on the list together!