Mothers Day A Time To Express Appreciation

Mothers Day A Time To Express Appreciation

Happy Mothers Day to all mothers everywhere.  And Happy Mothers Day to all who have stepped in to be the mother figure to children who were in need. 

I was truly blessed to have been born into a family with a loving and caring mother.  Martha Garner Bryant is the best of everything a mother can be.  She is spiritual, caring, loving and forgiving.  She did not stop being a mother when I became an adult.  She continues to be an important presence in my life and for that I am truly grateful.


At right, both mothers on Easter 2010.  Martha Bryant on left, Helen English on right.  (Bill Bryant anchors the end of the bench).

My husband Tim is equally blessed.  His mother, Helen Cochran English is a spiritual rock and has exactly the kind of love the mother of three boys needs.  She managed to raise three of the toughest….and most sensitive….men I have ever met.  My husband Tim played college football so he is physically tough, but more importantly he is very sensitive to the needs of others.  A good mix for men.

I want to also mention my neighbor Tina Barr as a mother to be admired.  She and her husband Ken are the biological parents of two lovely children.  Some years ago Ken and Tina decided to adopt a child in need.  Once they visited the orphanage they found out the child had two siblings.  In the end they came home with all three children.  The Barr family is now five teenagers strong and Tina manages to give each child the love they so desparately need.  And each Barr child wears a smile on their face as a sign of the joy that lives in their heart now that they have become part of a caring and loving family.  Ken and Tina celebrated their 20th anniversary this week. 

Happy mother’s day to all.