Krog Street Market

Krog Street Market

Krog Street Market DSC_0293 DSC_0302Get off the couch and head over to Krog Street Market for a great food and drink experience. We celebrated a family birthday at the Krog Street Market this past weekend and everybody had a fabulous time and went home stuffed with good food and drink.

The Krog Street Market is re-development and re-purposing at its best. An old brick factory building has been converted into a collection of restaurants, shops and food stalls with generous seating options and easy access.
We paid $3.00 to valet park our car – you could probably track down a free parking space nearby but we were on a tight schedule. Walking into the market you immediately get a warm feeling as the old blends with the new.

Our walk into the market took us past Hop City where every brand of beer – made any where in the world – appears to be on sale. If there is a craft beer you have a hankering to try then I am pretty sure you could find it here.
Walking into the market there is a bar that appears to be a part of the Hop City store. They have 52 beers on tap and lots of them are local craft brews. The others are from craft breweries all over the United States. You can pick up a beer at the bar and walk all around the market, sit at the tables nearby or just hang at the bar.

Food stalls line the interior of the market and we picked a couple of them to put together our lunch. Gu’s Dumplings supplied Zhong Dumplings which had a garlic and sesame seed sauce and your choice of a pork or vegetable filling. We got twelve dumplings for $10 so we could share.

Next stop was Yalla where we selected Chicken Shawarma (hummus, baba ghanoush. Israeli salad and pickles, fried eggplant, harissa, tahini and amba). We got one in a bowl ($13) and one in a laffa – large flatbread pita ($14).

Then it was on to Fred’s Meat and Bread where we sampled the Korean Fried Chicken Sandwich ($9).

We sat down at one of the tables and enjoyed an extremely tasty lunch. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

We had experienced this type market in Philadelphia where the city had taken an old train station and converted it into a destination. They lack the seating and ambiance of Krog Street Market but the food options are just as tasty. Sweet Auburn Market has some good options but not nearly enough seating options.

Krog Street market is worth the trip. Enjoy.