Joyce At LA Fitness Northlake Shows Me No Mercy

Joyce at LA Fitness Northlake

JOYCE DANIEL At LA FITNESS Northlake Shows Me No Mercy: Joyce is an aerobics instructor and trainer at LA Fitness Northake.  My daughter Ellie and I and been attending her fitness classes for several years.

  This woman is a beast and shows her classes no mercy during our morning work outs.  I’m not kidding, Joyce has a drill instructor mentality when it comes to fitness and working out.

Joyce at LA Fitness Northlake

JOYCE IS AN EXCELLENT MOTIVATOR: The thing is, I need someone to motivate me to work out.  I am not naturally inclined to push myself physically and Joyce has a special knack for getting me going.  In fact, I dread going to my regular morning class.  It is a good thing the class is first thing in the morning or I might talk myself out of it.  But once I am there, and especially once I finish, I feel like queen of the fitness world.

JOYCE MAKES THE WORKOUT EXCITING: I really like the way Joyce changes up the hourly class.  We start with a 3 minute warmup, then go to the main cardio section of the workout and end with a 5 t0 10 minute abs workout and cool down.  Joyce has a theme song: “I command you to work these children”.  Some of her favorite rants:

1. “You may pass out but you will get results”

2. ” Class is only but an hour”

By the way, once Joyce learns your name you will receive personal encouragement whether or not you desire such encouragements.

JOYCE IS ENTERING THE WORLD BODY FIGURE CONTEST IN SEPTEMBER: We are getting an extra large workout as Joyce prepares for the World Body Figure contest in September.  Yes, we do get results.

Joyce has her own company that specializes in fitness:  You can also reach her at


Joyce Daniel