LakesideHighSchoolFrontWhat is the Lakeside City Alliance?

The Lakeside City Alliance (LCA) is comprised of neighbors in northern DeKalb County who are studying whether the formation of a new city is both necessary and feasible to provide local control to our community. Among the topics being considered by LCA are providing local control over public safety, parks and recreation and zoning. DeKalb County would continue to provide most other services.

Why look at forming a new city?

To determine whether the creation of a new city would provide our community with the local control that many feel has been lacking from our county government.

Who is “we?”

Our community of interest—“we”—are the neighborhoods roughly bounded by Interstate 85 to the west, Lawrenceville Highway to the east, Clairmont Road to the south and Pleasantdale Road to the north. We shop in the same stores, eat at the same restaurants and attend the same places of worship. Our children go to school together and play in the same sports leagues. Neighbors know each other and share a desire to control their own destinies.

LakesideHighSchoolGym LakesideHighSchoolNewAddition LakesideHighSchoolPicnic LakesideHighSchoolSignDo we really need a new city?

The Lakeside City Alliance is a non-profit organization tasked with answering that question. LCA is not an advocacy group. Instead, we are gathering data and hosting meetings to determine the best course of action to take to provide local control of our community.

Will my taxes go up if a city is formed?

The creation of a new city does not add taxes to property tax bills. Rather, it shifts to the city a minute portion of property taxes paid to the county government for services that would be provided by the new city. Other newly formed cities, such as Dunwoody and Brookhaven have capped applicable millage rates so that taxes do not go higher than the amount your are currently paying without asking for your vote in a public referendum. In addition, a new city would receive additional revenue in the form of business licenses, HOST proceeds and franchise fees.

Isn’t creating a city just adding another layer of bureaucracy?

Advocates of a new city say “no,” pointing to greater local control and more accountable elected officials. Specifically, they point out that each vote has more clout since fewer voters elect their government officials. They also point out that elected officials are more accessible since they live within a city with a smaller population and can be found more readily at places of business, leisure and worship within the city boundaries. Opponents argue that cities result in higher taxes and more bureaucracy. LCA is committed to studying both sides of the issue. 

What is the right size for a city?

There is not a one-size-fits-all population target for a city, though many suggest that populations between 20,000 and 90,000 work best. The draft map identified by LCA would encompass approximately 50,000 people. It is important to note that the draft map put forward by LCA is for discussion purposes.

How can I learn more?

Get meeting information and updates by visiting LCA:

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City of Lakeside Boundary Map
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