December to Remember

December to Remember

While many people are taking care of holiday parties and festivities, others are making this a December to remember by buying or selling a home.  December is a great time for buyers and sellers to get ahead of the curve on their house transactions.

Why should sellers tackle putting their home on the market in December?  One good reason is you will not have to put up all those holiday decorations!  More seriously – it is simply a matter of getting a head start on the competition.  Come mid-January there are going to be a lot more homes on the market and that means more competition for you as a home seller.  If you put your home on the market in December you can be the star of the show.  There are buyers actively looking and homes right now and some of them can’t wait until January to make a buying decision.  If you put your home on the market in December they are going to be looking at your home as one of the few possibilities for their purchase.  Low inventory equals less competition which equals better odds for your home to sell at a price that makes you happy.

Why should buyers look to buy a home in December?  Even though there is less inventory on the market in December there are deals to be had.  Some sellers started at a list price that was above the market.  By December they become discouraged and open to making a deal before the end of the year.  Here is your chance to take done the weaker members of the herd.  The sellers who were all bluster and blunder about the list price of their home in August are ready to make a deal by December.  Some of them can’t come to terms with a lower price and will not lower their list price – but they are open to “making a deal”.  It is hard to admit you were wrong about the value of your home and some sellers just can’t handle the emotional strain of lowering their list price.  But these sellers do want to just “get her done” with the sale of their home.   Buyers willing to tackle the home search in December can find some deals!

If you are thinking about buying or selling a home in December, please give us a call or text at 404-229-2995 and we can make your real estate “wish list” come true. Make this a December to Remember