Avoiding Foreclosure with a Short Sale – Here’s the Questions I’ll Need Answered

Avoiding Foreclosure with a Short Sale – Here’s the Questions I’ll Need Answered

My Active Rain Associate, Joetta, provides some excellent information about getting your act together for a Short Sale to avoid foreclosure. Make a checklist then give me a call about your Atlanta Georgia Short Sale to Avoid foreclosure. Avoiding Foreclosure with a Short Sale – Here’s the Questions I’ll Need Answered:


Via Joetta Fort, Realtor Homes Denver to Boulder (Equity Colorado):


Avoid Foreclosure with a Short Sale


If you’re in danger of losing your house to foreclosure, and you want to try to do a short sale instead, I know you have a lot of questions. 


When I sit down with people to discuss the short sale process, their questions and concerns take center stage over the information I need to get from them. The whole process is so emotionally draining, it would be a great help if the following questions were answered, and info gathered before I arrive.


That way, we don’t have to spend time going over all this, but I can focus on what you need from me.


Feel free to print this page and jot down your answers in preparation for our meeting.  


  • Are you current on your payments?

  • Why do you want to short sale?

  • Would you prefer to keep the property? If so, have you tried a loan modification or some other type of workout?

  • Do you have a hardship? Please summarize here (common hardships are job loss, divorce, illness). Most mortgage holders will require you write a hardship letter. I will assist you with that if you so desire.

  • Are you current on HOA fees?

  • Are you current on your water bill?

  • Are you current on your power bill?

  • Are you living in the property?

  • If so, do you have a place to go once it sells?

  • Does anyone who’s named on the title have any liens or judgments?

  • If your lender requires some funds from you in order to release their lien, do you have any funds to contribute?

  • If your lender requires you to sign a promissory note in order to release their lien, are you willing to consider doing that?


About your loan –


Do you have one loan, or do you also have a second and/or third?  Please answer the following questions about each loan:

  • Is it a conventional loan, VA, or FHA?

  • Who is the mortgage holder (including address and phone number. I will also need the account number once you decide to work towards a short sale)

  • What is the approximate balance?

  • Have you receive notice of foreclosure proceedings (or being ‘sent to collections’ for a second)?

  • Have you started any paperwork with your lender?



Upcoming information I will need:

Social Security numbers of all people named on the loan. I need this in order to get approval to speak with your lender about your loan. I will first need to get a copy of the mortgage holders’ authorization form.

Hardship letter

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