Zip Code 30084 Real Estate Market Statistics

Zip Code 30084 Real Estate Market Statistics

Real Estate Market Statistics for zip code 30084 updated weekly by Altos Research.

90-day stats for Single Family properties in
TUCKER, GA 30084 as of October 19, 2018
Median List Price:$327,742Average List Price:$350,484
Total Inventory:114Price per Square Foot:$143
Average Home Size:2,495Median Lot Size:15,593
Average # Beds:3.71Average # Baths:2.87
Homes Absorbed:13Newly Listed:14
Days on Market:88Average Age:31

90-day stats for Condo properties in
TUCKER, GA 30084 as of October 19, 2018
Median List Price:$113,922Average List Price:$127,068
Total Inventory:21Price per Square Foot:$91
Average Home Size:1,314Median Lot Size:n/a
Average # Beds:2.42Average # Baths:2.29
Homes Absorbed:5Newly Listed:5
Days on Market:39Average Age:29

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Zip Code 30084 Real Estate Market Statistics provided by Sally English, Associate Broker, Realty Associates of Atlanta LLC. Call or text Sally English 404.229.2995 with your real estate questions. Sally has assisted many home buyers and home sellers in zip code 30084 and zip code 30084 real estate is her home turf.

Total Inventory

“Inventory” is simply real estate lingo for “the number of homes for sale.” This stat shows you how much supply is available in the market you are researching. Inventory levels can ebb and flow frequently due to seasonal effects. There’s usually more inventory on the market in the spring-time as the natural rate of real estate activity picks up during this time of year. Alternately, there’s generally less inventory in the Fall or Winter as real estate activity slows.

Price Per Square foot: 

Price per Square Foot is a measure of value. Think of this stat as answering the question – “How much house am I getting for my money?”

Median Price

Median is the midpoint between high and low. Median is not the same as Average.

The real estate industry generally uses “Median Price” instead of “Average Price”.
Because a couple of high-end or low-end properties in a single zip code or city can skew the Average Price pretty quickly, using Median gives a more accurate depiction of local price levels.

Median Price is often a very good proxy for indicating real-time market activity.
Sellers in a market, with the help of their local real estate agent, will price their home according to other similar homes in that market. While this isn’t a perfect science, most agents and sellers tend to price their homes in close to the price where it will eventually sell. As the median price changes, this can indicate a couple of key market movements:

1. A rise in median price means that sellers are responding to more sales in their local area which means that the local market might be “strengthening” or getting “hotter” – favoring sellers, so they will ask more for their home. A fall in the median price might indicate the opposite – few homes selling at the current price levels which causes homes on the market to drop their price and for new homes on the market to price more aggressively.

2. A rise in median price could also mean that homes at the lower part of the market are selling and leaving the market. This means that the remaining homes on the market are at a higher price point, which causes the aggregated median price to rise.

Market Action Index Definition (MAI)

MAI: We developed the MAI so you immediately know if it’s a Buyer’s or Seller’s market.
30+ indicates a Sellers market.

The Market Action Index (MAI) illustrates the balance between supply and demand using a statistical function of the current rate of sale versus current inventory. An MAI value greater than 30 typically indicates a “Seller’s Market” (a.k.a. “Hot Market”) because demand is high enough to quickly absorb available supply. A hot market will typically cause prices to rise. MAI values below 30 indicate a “Buyer’s Market” (a.k.a. “Cold Market”) where the inventory of already-listed homes is sufficient to last several months at the current rate of sales. A cold market will typically cause prices to fall.”

Keep in mind that an MAI value close to “30” probably means that the local market is balanced or neutral. So if the MAI for your local market is somewhere between 27-33, then it’s likely to be either a buyer’s market or seller’s market based on the individual street or home area that a particular property is in.

Detailed real estate market data reports are available by clicking on links here for  30033, 30084, 30329, 30340, 30341, 30345 zip codes.

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