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Size and Shape of DCSS BOE Districts To Change, Some Representatives to Districts To Change

The DeKalb Delegation to the Georgia General Assembly is moving to meet Legislative deadlines to redraw School Board Districts as required by legislation passed by the Georgia General Assembly last year. That legislation calls for the DeKalb County Board of Education (BOE) to be resized from its current nine members to no more than seven nor fewer than five. The DeKalb Delegation is currently reviewing maps submitted from a variety of sources.

One suggested map offers the delegation a configuration that provides for a total of five BOE members. Other maps redraw the DeKalb lines allowing for seven BOE members — with the maps differing on the boundaries of those BOE districts. Once approved, the new district lines will remain in effect for 10 years, until a new census is taken. Who will represent our local schools on the BOE, and when they will be up for re-election, is contingent on which map is approved by our legislators.

There is no central on-line place where all of the suggested maps are available for review. You can find copies of some of the maps on at least three blogs — the AJC’s “Get Schooled” blog, “DeKalb School Watch Two”, and at Board of Education Member Nancy Jester’s website blog.

Three of the most discussed maps are here:

Oliver/Benfield Map

Mosby 5 District Map

Jester/McChesney/Speaks Map (click on pdf link)


***No decision about new districts was made last week by the Dekalb House delegation. They did establish a committee to study the matter further. Sen. Fran Millar is introducing a bill as statewide legislation tailored to DeKalb that would postpone downsizing the Board of Education from January 2013 until January of 2015.

***Late breaking news: Sen. Millar has developed a bill to delay the implementation of SB79 so that the complex issues surrounding it can be worked out. ¬†Stayed tuned…

Provided below is the contact information for all the members of the DeKalb Delegation. Please share your questions, thoughts or concerns with them: