Goats at Leslie Beach Club

Goats at Leslie Beach Club

Goats at Leslie Beach Club are eating their fill of English Ivy and other undergrowth on the vacant areas near the tennis courts. English Ivy is an invasive vine that pretty much takes over untended and natural areas killing even established trees over a period of years.

Most homeowners have some experience with English Ivy. I have hand pulled it, mowed over it with a lawn mower, chopped at it with a weed eater and sprayed it with round up (woody vine variation) – all with mixed success. Pretty much the only way to kill English Ivy over the long term is to starve it out or mechanically remove the vine from your property.
Back to the Goats! I love watching these magnificent creatures demolish English Ivy. Watching them stand on their hid legs and eat the English Ivy vines way up a tree literally makes my heart sing. Goats will eat any part of the English Ivy vines they can get to. They even pull at the vines to get to some of the roots.

Goats at Leslie Beach Club will consume all the visible English Ivy plants and all the other undergrowth in their path. From that point forward it will be a much more manageable task for humans to keep the English Ivy in check. Diligence is required!

The goats have a protector watching over them day and night. The working dogs are not there as pets – they are keeping predators away from the goats. They rest during the day and then keep a diligent watch all night. Don’t be alarmed when they do not appear friendly – they are on the job!

Goats at Leslie Beach Club can be seen on Leslie Drive off Henderson Mill Road in the Northlake neighborhoods of DeKalb County.