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DeKalb Schools Considering De-facto Year-round School Calendar – From remarks made by DeKalb Schools superintendent Cheryl Atkinson it appears DeKalb County Schools is on the move towards a more year round academic calendar:

“We want to implement a balanced calendar so that our students don’t spend so much time away from the learning environment during the summer,” Atkinson said. After her speech, a spokesman said that a change could come as soon as next fall, though no decision has been reached.”

Briarlake Elem SchoolThe pros are readily apparent:

1. At risk students no longer have a long summer break during which they lose many of their study skills and reading opportunities.

2. It makes the teachers job a little easier during the school year.

I see the following unintended consequences

1. Teachers lose opportunity for professional development (taking courses at Universities in particular)

2. High School age students lose an opportunity for summer jobs.

3. Families will have more difficulty scheduling summer vacations.

4. High School students will lose access to many summer enrichment programs.

The balancing act is measuring the development of at risk students versus the opportunities missed by middle class students.  Unfortunately, I think this calendar will push more academically gifted students out of the school system which is in effect a loss for the at risk students.  What do you think?