DeKalb County School Board Map Controversy Subscribe to RSS feed

The Atlanta Journal and Constitution ran a front page article about the ongoing re-districting of School Board member districts in an effort to downsize the School Board.  What a colossal fiasco.  

The school system needs support from all constituencies and the efforts to make this political are going to have a huge negative effect on the DeKalb County School system and ultimately our students. The mandate is to shrink from 9 to 7 Board members.

From the AJC:

“Nonetheless, members of DeKalb’s delegation to the state House are expected to try their hands at cartography again today after a failed, and some say embarrassing, attempt to re-draw the political lines for school board posts last week.”

“Facing a deadline imposed by leaders of the General Assembly, the DeKalb’s representatives in the Gold Dome must somehow compromise on a new map, despite divisions by race, geography and party.”

“The map scuffle was caused by a state law last year that orders the DeKalb school board to shrink from the current nine seats to, at most, seven. The law offered no direction on how to get there, and county delegates are fighting over the steering wheel.”


The DeKalb County School System has 15,000 employees and a budget of $775,000,000 or $775 million if the zeros are confusing to you.  That’s a lot of political power for someone to carry around.  The stakes are high.